[FYF] What type of marketing funnel do you want to build? Are we on the same page?

There are several types of
marketing funnel that you can

What type do you want to build?

You could create a series of
linked videos that educate your
prospects about the products you
are offering and lead them to
the point where they are ready
to buy.

Another type is the blog funnel.

It works like the video funnel,
but now you are using a series
of linked blog posts to educate
your prospects.

Then there’s the webinar funnel,
the podcast funnel, the social

And then there is the email-
marketing funnel.

In this course I’m going to
focus on creating an email-
marketing funnel.

What This Course Is NOT…

Most of the articles about email-
marketing funnels that I’ve seen
on the Internet tell you how a
funnel works to turn prospects
into buyers of YOUR product or

But that’s not what I’m going to
talk about in this training

If you have your own product or
service to offer, then this
course may have some useful
nuggets for you to take away…

But again, that is not what this
course is about.

Who This Course Is For

I created this course for
affiliate marketers who are
looking for a way to promote
affiliate offers that will get
more sales and commissions.

To be more exact, I created this
course for affiliate marketers
in the “make money online” (MMO)

Is This Course For You?

Check these 3 points to know if
this course is for you or not:

1. Do you want to make money
with affiliate marketing?

2. Do you want to operate in the
“make money online market?

3. Do you want to learn how to
create a profitable email-
marketing funnel?

You are in the right place if
you answered “Yes” to all 3

What This Course Is About

Okay, so here is the final
definition of the course!

This course will teach affiliate
in the MMO niche how
to build an email-marketing
that gets results.

(Results = referrals and sales =
money in the bank.)

Still with us?

Okay, the training starts with
tomorrow’s email.

All the best,

David Hurley

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