[FYF] How Do You Know Which Programs To Join? – Let This Powerful Secret Guide You…

When Jeff Aman launched the
Click Engine in January 2022,
joining it was a no-brainer for


Okay, one reason is that it
offers great value – a low cost
program that delivers high-
quality “buyer traffic.”

I like the affiliate program as
well – what’s not to like about
50% recurring commissions?

I love the one-time 50%
commissions I get from the up-
sell offers too. (About 1 in 3
referrals buy at least one of
the up-sell offers.)

But those goodies were not why I
chose to join the Click Engine
it was something much more
powerful – something you 
should aim to aquire in your
own online business…

It was the reputation of the
program owner, Jeff Aman.

Here is the first video I made
about why I decided to join and
promote the Click Engine:


I made the video the day after I
joined, when the Click Engine
was only a couple of days old…

In the video I talk you through
the program and tell you why I
joined – it shows you the
power of reputation in 
attracting people to you.

Make sure that you present 
yourself in such a way as to
enhance – and not destroy –
your reputation in the eyes
of your target audience.

Do that and it will be a lot
easier to “fill your funnel.”

All the best,

David Hurley

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“Reputation, reputation…”

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