[FYF] Build A Profitable Marketing Funnel By Giving Your Subscribers What They Want

If you are like me you do a lot
of your marketing on safelists
and traffic exchanges and get
most of your list subscribers
from those sites.

If so, you already know one
thing for sure about the people
who opt in to your mailing list:
they are people who want to get
more traffic to visit their own

So instead of trying to persuade
them to join your program why
not offer them what they really
want instead?

That is the best way to position
yourself in the early stages of
your relationship with your 
subscribers – and the quickest
way to turn new subscribers
into customers.

That’s why it’s a good idea to
offer a low-cost, high-value
traffic package on your Thank-
You Page.

What should you offer next?

More traffic, but this time with
a recurring subscription built

I recommend that in your fourth
or fifth email you present your
readers with a “Micro Continuity

A Micro Continuity Offer is a
low cost, high value, monthly
subscription offer.

The value/cost ratio should 
make it a “no brainer” offer,
and the subscription will give
you recurring commissions,
enabling you to grow your
income month by month.

The best Micro Continuity
Offer in the online business
market that I have found is the
Click Engine by Jeff Aman.

It is a service that I have had
good results with since its
launch in January 2022. I
posted some reviews and
videos about my results
with the Click Engine on
my blog:


The price point is just 
right, at $4.90 a month.

The traffic is high quality
“biz-op buyer traffic” and
not “freebie seekers.”

That means a lot of your
customers will keep their
subscriptions active for
months or even years.

My monthly income from
this little gem of a program
continues to grow – so in
effect I am getting the 
buyer traffic the program
sends to my offers for free
AND I’m getting money in
the bank on top.

As low cost offers near the top
of your marketing funnel go,
this one is hard to beat.

Check it out @ https://warriorplus.com/o2/a/z7kzbt/0

Best wishes,

David Hurley

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