Goodbye Social Media. Hello WebTalk (With Revenue Sharing!)

I’ve been looking at a new rival to Facebook and other social media sites. It’s called WebTalk and it has so much potential that I’ve decided to make it one of my Top 5 Programs as of today!

So here’s why I think you might want to check it out…

First, it’s a SMART way to manage your relationships – no more awkward jumbling up business, family and friends. From the start, WebTalk puts YOU in control.

WebTalk’s 3 Profiles

Every account comes with three profiles – friends, business and public – and you can choose which profile(s) each of your contacts sees.

No more complaints from friends who hate your business posts… Keep your party life separate from your professional life…

In fact, with WebTalk you can now keep each part of your life separate from the other parts if you choose to. Or you can let it all hang out if you’re comfortable with that! 🙂

The point is – you are completely in control of who sees your posts.

Second, WebTalk also promises that you’ll never have to pay for your followers to see what you post. That’s how it should be, of course. Most of the currently prominent social media sites prefer to throttle you until you pay up!

A Smooth and Professional User Interface

Third, The user interface is very smooth and professional.

This is a SERIOUSLY GOOD up-and-coming social networking site that’s growing fast, even while still in Beta. WebTalk already has over 1,000,000 members, having added 900,000 of those members since August 2018… WOW!

Fourth, and even better, Webtalk will be sharing up to 50% of its revenues with its members. Unlike other social sites we could name!

Right now it’s still in Beta, and beta testers will have a nice opportunity to earn revenues through 5 generations once the site comes out of beta.

If you’d like to join during the beta phase to qualify for 5 levels of social media revenue, join FREE Today – We’re getting ever closer to the day when Web Talk emerges from the beta stage, so you don’t want to miss your chance.

There’s a lot more to this platform than what I’ve mentioned here. To dive in more deeply, check out this video, presented by WebTalk CEO, R. J. Garbowicz:

You need to be invited to sign up as a free member. Here’s my invitiation to YOU to check out the site. Click the link to sign up today, and be sure to connect with me once you’ve set up your account!


All the best,

David Hurley


P. S. Here’s my WebTalk profile link: – after you join, pop by and say hello!

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