[FYF] You can’t do it without this

There is ONE tool you absolutely
MUST have if you want to build
an email marketing funnel…

I guess you know what it is

Yep, I’m talking about an email
list manager, also known as an

Chances are, you’ve already got
one. If so, and if you’re happy
with it, that’s fine.

But if you haven’t, this is what I


You can get started for free and
use the autoresponder to send
broadcasts to your list. You’ll
need to upgrade to created an 
automated email mailing series.

Sendsteed is a LeadsLeap tool,
and an upgraded membership
gives you Pro access to all the
tools in the marketing suite. 

LeadsLeap has been my best
source of leads, referrals and
upgrades for several years now.

I wrote a review of LeadsLeap on
my blog and have created some
training videos about how to use
some of the LeadsLeap services.

Check out my LeadsLeap page on
my Top5Programs.com blog.

All the best,

David Hurley

P. S. here’s the link to the SendSteed
autoresponder service. Get started
for free.

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