Why Residual Income TV Is Now One Of My Top 5 Programs

Why Residual Income TV Is Now One Of My Top 5 Programs


I have decided to make Residual Income TV one of my Top 5 Programs because it fits very smoothly into what I am trying to accomplish with Top5Programs.com.

My aim on Top5Programs.com is to #inspire you to do what it takes to generate multiple streams of income. The key is to work with quality programs and maintain a clear and narrow focus. ResidualIncome.tv is by far the best tool I have found to help you do that.

Here’s a video I made about the benefits of using Residual Income TV as the focus for your promotional efforts.

Residual Income TV Video Transcript

Today I want to tell you about a fantastic program that I’m using to help me promote my top five programs. It also sends targeted traffic to my blog, builds my list and my social media following.

The program is called Residual Income TV. If you view my ResidualIncome.tv page you will see that I have posted four of my Top 5 programs on my page. ResidualIncome.tv is my fifth program.

I have also posted a link to my blog, Top5Programs.

Integrate Your Own Autoresponder

If you scroll down to the bottom of the page you will see an opt-in form where you can join my list. This is one of the cool features that I love about this program. The opt-in form is linked to my own Trafficwave autoresponder.

Yes, you can plug YOUR OWN autoresponder into your Residual Income TV page. You can build your main mailing list, or a special list for Residual Income TV. You can build your list directly from your ResidualIncome.tv page.

Residual Income TV Is 100% Customizable

ResidualIncome.tv gives you so much more flexibility than other downline builders and “plug-in” business-in-a-box programs. You have complete control over the look, background colour-scheme or image, the photos and videos you upload.

You can embed a video at the top of the page, and also in each program slot, so you can talk directly to your visitors about each program that you are promoting on Residual Income TV.

Beyond that, you can get a seven-day FREE trial to test-drive the program. If you like what you see, you can upgrade for just $10 a month, or purchase a lifetime membership or one-year subscription.

As well as that their is a fantastic 3×3 10-level forced matrix residual affiliate program.

Here’s where you can find out more about the ResidualIncome.TV affiliate program.

The Perfect Combination Of Diversity And Focus

Residual Income TV gives you the benefits building multiple income streams with a single focus. I highly recommend this site. It is now my primary method of promoting my Top 5 Programs. It gives you massive diversity and great efficiency of a single focus.

Diversity – multiple streams of online income – promoted with a single focus is what I teach through Top5Programs.com, which is why Residual Income TV is the ideal program for me. 🙂

I invite you to join me in Residual Income TV today!

David Hurley #inspire


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2 thoughts on “Why Residual Income TV Is Now One Of My Top 5 Programs

  1. I’d never heard of ResidualIncome.tv until I read this post, so thanks for introducing me, David.

    As well, I really enjoyed your on-camera presence, concise and comfortable.


    1. Hi Jason,

      Thank you for popping by and watching my video. I appreciate the feedback.

      My aim here is to #inspire people to focus on what works and take action to build online businesses that actually work!

      Keep on #ryzing!

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