Turbocharger Mastermind

Who Is It For?

The Turbocharger Mastermind Group is for you if you…

  • are a go-getter between the ages of 45 and 65,
  • do not feel secure about how much money or income you will have in the future,
  • want to give yourself and your family financial security as you head towards your silver years,
  • believe that building an online business is the key, but need a helping hand to realize your potential.

If you have been feeling anxious about the future, if you’re facing a potential loss of income, with insufficient savings and an inadequate pension, now is the time to do something about it.

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Who Am I?

My name is David Hurley. I’m an online marketer with over 15 years experience in building profitable affiliate marketing blogs and email newsletters.

But I certainly feel your pain because I was in a similar situation myself – facing an uncertain financial future before I learned how to build an alternative source of online income.

For three decades I worked as a freelance language teacher in Japan. Great fun, and an easy life. I had a blast, BUT… did you know…?

If you are an ex-pat, like me, you may not qualify for the full state pension either in your home country or in the country where you live. Or you may be one of the 492,000 British ex-pat pensioners whose pensions are not index linked to inflation - yikes! [Source: GBNews.UK.]

Whether you are an ex-pat or not, if your only income is a state pension, you’ll pretty soon be faced with a cold winter choice of eating or heating, but not both…

Skipping meals and wearing a coat and wooly hat indoors to save on heating is no way to enjoy your silver years…

You may have some savings or a private pension, but will it be enough?

Will it be as much as what you are earning now?

Or do you face the stark prospect of absolute poverty in old age?

Nobody wants to think about such a dismal future, but do you remember the story of the Ant and the Grasshopper?

Don’t Be A Grasshopper…

The grasshopper had an easy life and sang to his heart’s content throughout the summer of his life…

And then winter came…

And we all know what happened to the grasshopper…

The easiest way to avoid the grasshopper’s fate is to go into full “ant mode” and work NOW to build an alternative source of income for the FUTURE.

And the internet give us the means to do it.

Today we often see news stories of youngsters, barely out of their teens, who use the Internet to bring in $500,000 and more per MONTH.

Then there is the notorious case of social media influencer Andrew Tate who, by age 36, had a net worth of over $355,000,000 and earns over $4,000,000 every month, mostly from online sources.

If They Can Do It, So Can We!

Well, I’m not promising that you will be the next Andrew Tate (LOL!), but don’t you think it’s time for the older generations, people in their forties, fifties, sixties, and beyond, to get a share of the Internet pie?

That’s why I’m launching the Turbocharger Mastermind: to bring together a small group of mature, hungry and proactive go-getters: People who are

  • open to change and eager to develop new skills,
  • willing to take action to create profitable online businesses,
  • determined to protect themselves and their loved-ones from poverty in old age.

This is a wake up call…

We can’t rely on the government or the bankers to support us at our current standard of living as we get older. We’ve got to do it ourselves.

And the Internet gives us an opportunity not only to replace our current income, but to multiply if many times over…

Imagine a virtual community…

  • that focuses exclusively on helping you build and scale up an online affiliate business.
  • that trains you to create a marketing funnel, email newsletter, blog, and ultimately a community of your own.
  • where everybody is aligned towards the same goal: profit, client results, and a happy and fulfilling life.
  • where you learn how to offer valuable online business tools for recurring commissions instead of selling physical goods for one time sales.
  • And where it feels like you’re hanging out with friends, having fun AND feeling inspired to achieve real and measurable online business results.

We use simple videos, training modules, webinars, one-to-one training calls, and a dynamic community where you can post questions and give and receive help and support.

The Turbocharger Mastermind group run by me, David Hurley, with a focus on implementation and collaboration. As you go through the training modules and begin to take action, you can get help  either through the community chat or through live online sessions where we learn, work, and grow together in real time.

Turbocharger Mastermind is currently in the Pre-launch stage and will create a Beta-1 group that is LIMITED to 30 members only.

Work together with us for 365 days to create a new life for yourself and those who matter to you.

Here’s how it works:


We are still building out the course but these are some of the topics we’ll cover.

Week 1 — Model, offer, and mindset

Week 2 — Landing pages, email lists, free content

Week 3 — Top of funnel offers and set up: funded proposals and micro continuity offers

Week 4 — Blogs, content creation, blog/list synergies

Week 5 — From content to community: the new business model

Weeks 6-12 — How to promote your online business

Other topics will be added based on members’ requests and needs.


  • Turbocharger community where you can collaborate with other members in community discussions or private chat.
  • 50 Weekly 1 hour collaboration webinars where we bounce ideas around and do the practical work of building our online businesses together.
  • Members will be able to set up accountability calls and other cooperative projects on their own initiative.

Are you ready to go all in?

You’ll need to act fast once Turbocharger goes live as the beta is open only to a small number of people.

Investment: $650 per year (just 1.79 a day, less than a coffee at Starbucks.)

Beta Member Cap: 30 members only.