How To Earn Tripleclicks Income Online


In this article I will show you how I earn Tripleclicks income online and how you can too.

There are many ways to earn with Tripleclicks, but my way is to focus mainly on building a strong and active SFI team. 

As people in your SFI team engage with the program, they will see the value in using Tripleclicks to help them build their business.

For example, SFI affiliates can build their business by purchasing shares in the S-Builder Co-op, which recruits people into their team for them.

Affiliates can also build their business by purchasing TCredit packs. TCredits can be used to bid on penny auctions, play games and enter competitions as well as to reward active team members.

Using TCredits can also be a good way to gain Versapoints, which enable you to rise in rank in SFI and also to get shares in the monthly commission pool.

Without getting into too many details, the key point is that whenever your affiliates purchase goods and services from Tripleclicks, you earn a commission.

How much commission you earn depends on the price, and how much Commission Volume a product carries.

Commission Volume? What’s Commission Volume?

Commission Volume (CV) is that part of the price of a Tripleclicks product that is set aside as commission. 

For example, if someone spends $35 on a pack of 100 TCredits, the Commission Volume is $15.54. The $15.54 CV is divided up among the people who qualify for commission on the sale.

  • If you are the direct sponsor/referrer you will receive 45%. 45% of $15.54 = $6.99
  • If you are the co-sponsor you will receive 15%. 15% of $15.54 = $2.33

As your SFI downline grows and gets active, your Tripleclicks income will also grow! 

That’s why you should make it a priority to promote your SFI business, refer affiliates, communicate with them and offer them incentives to encourage them to take action.

When your SFI affiliates understand the benefits they can get by becoming Executive Affiliates and buying products on Tripleclicks, they will be much more likely to take action – and you will be rewarded with a regular flow of commissions from Tripleclicks.

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David Hurley