4 Ways To Earn Tripleclicks Income Online

4 Ways To Earn Tripleclicks Income Online


In this article I will show you four ways you can earn Tripleclicks income online.

If you are not familiar with the Tripleclicks program, here is a little background. On January 5th 2009 SFI launched their Tripleclicks online marketplace. Since 2009 Tripleclicks has grown massively and gives every SFI affiliate a shop-window for their own products and services.

As well as allowing independent sellers to offer thousands of products and services, Tripelclicks offers games, penny auctions and garage sales to their members.

Even so, a lot of SFI affiliates focus on growing their SFI downline while neglecting to build the Tripleclicks side of their business.

So in this article I will show you four ways to build your Tripleclicks income online. Or simply watch the video, if you prefer:


1. Promote Tripleclicks Products And Earn Commissions

One way to do this is to choose some related products on the Tripleclicks site, set up a blog around them. Use your blog to drive targeted traffic to the Tripleclicks pages that you are promoting. This strategy works best if your blog appeals to a specific market niche.

2. Open Your Own ECA Store

Open your own E-Commerce Associate store and use it to promote your own products and services. This is one of best ways to build your Tripleclicks income online, and also offline through local sales if you wish.

Again, it will be more effective if you set up your own blog with the aim of pre-selling and driving targeted traffic to your ECA store.

3. Market To SFI Affiliates

Offer business-building products and services to SFI affiliates. Believe it or not, the more than one million SFI affiliates make up a massive market for various business-building products and services.

For example, one of my SFI affiliates and I offer our own unique business ebooks that are designed to appeal directly to SFI affiliates.

(Note: Tripleclicks does not accept rebranded ebooks any more. In the early days, Tripleclicks was flooded by low-qualify duplicate ebooks. To protect the store, Tripleclicks will automatically reject your ebook when you upload it. To get your ebook accepted on the Tripleclicks store, simply send a ticket explaining that the ebook is your own unique creation. Attach a copy of your ebook to the ticket, and your ebook is likely to be accepted.)

Apart from ebooks, think about how every SFI affiliate is trying to get new leads to sign-up via their affiliate links. Active SFI members surf Tripleclicks every day. Is there a business-to-business product or service that you could offer them through the Tripleclicks site?

4. Refer E-Commerce Associates

Invite new E-Commerce Associates in your local area. Do you know a local small business offering products and services suitable for SFI and Tripleclicks members.

Or is there a local business whose products and services YOU use?

If so, get them aboard the ECA program and earn 10% commissions on all their sales. Buy their products through your ECA page and you will enjoy a 10% discount every time!

All you need is a handful of ECAs with appealing products and you are in the money for a lifetime.

With these four tips you can earn Tripleclicks income online if you take consistent action.

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David Hurley