Weekly $25 Gift Certificate Prize Draw


How My Weekly $25 Gift Certificate Prize Draw Works

Every week I throw a couple of dice to find a winner from the active members of my SFI downline. 

If there is a winner, the winner receives a $25 Tripleclicks Gift Certifiate from me after posting a comment on my blog.

If there is no winner, the TCredits roll over and are added to the following week’s prize pot.

How To Qualify For My Weekly Prize Draw

There are 5 easy steps to qualify:

1. You must be in my SFI downline. You can be in any generation of my downline or one of my Co-Sponsored Affiliates (CSAs). If you are in my SFI genealogy, you can qualify for the weekly prize draw. 🙂

2. You earned at least 150 VP in the PREVIOUS month to qualify for THIS month’s weekly prize draws.

3. Earn at least 5 VP each week of the current month to qualify for the weekly draw. As the month progresses, the amount of VP you will need to have accumulated will go up. Keep in mind that you will also need to earn at least 150 VP to qualify for NEXT month’s prize draws.

4. Set your monthly goals in SFI at the beginning of every month. 

5. Log in regularly! You need to have logged in within 48 hours of when the Prize Draw takes place. 

These are not difficult steps, and the truly committed members of my team are already doing all of them AND MORE.

NOTE: If more than 100 people fulfil the first three steps, only the 100 with the most VP in the week of the draw will be included.

How Is The Winner Decided?

The dice have rolled number 52. So, scrolling down from the top, the 52nd person in my Genealogy (after all 5 paremeters have been set) is the winner!

I find the winner by entering the above five parameters into my SFI Genealogy. Then I roll two dice. One is red, one is yellow. The yellow die is always a 10-sided die and represents the “units”. The red die represents “tens” and is either a six-sided die or a ten-sided die depending on how many people have qualified to enter the prize draw. Whatever number is rolled is the number in the Genealogy, scrolling down from the top, where the winner is located. 

The maximum number of possible winners is 100. Actually, it is not very difficult to get into the top 100 at the moment. Simply log in and accumulate VP each day and you should be okay.

For example, if I roll the dice and the red die lands on 3 and the yellow die lands on 1, number 31 is the winner. I scroll down the genealogy to find the 31st person on my list. The list has been set up beforehand using the genealogy filters to display all the qualifying members of the draw.

What If There Is No Winner?

Depending on how many people have qualified, there is a chance that the dice will give us a number higher than the number of qualifying players.

If that happens, the prize will roll-over to the following week. It will be added to the following week’s prize making a prize pot of $50. The prizes will continue to roll-over and accumulate week by week until the dice give us a winner!

How To Claim Your TCredits If You Are The Winner

  • The winner will be announced in the YouTube video I make of the prize draw each week, as well as my blog, on my SFI stream, via SFI Chat and an SFI e-card to the winner’s email inbox.
  • The winner will be invited to post a constructive comment on Top5Programs.com in order to claim the prize.
  • As soon as I see and approve the comment, I will issue the Gift Certificate to the winner.

Deadline: There is a 7 day deadline to claim your prize. Make sure you claim your prize by posting a CONSTRUCTIVE** comment on my blog (in response to any blog post) before the following week’s prize draw. Affiliates who do not ENGAGE with me in this way within 7 days will not receive their prize.

** A constructive comment is one that adds value in response to the blog post. Your own thoughts about the topic, or a relevant question will be fine.

Good luck, everybody!

David Hurley



P. S. If you are not yet in SFI and would like to join my team, Click Here To Get Started Today! (It’s free to join SFI!)