Copy My SFI Marketing Campaign

On this page I will shortly be offering members of my SFI Team the opportunity to duplicate my marketing campaign.

Campaign components will include:

  • Free video squeeze page to promote SFI and Build Your List.
  • Free email follow-up SFI training series for your list subscribers.
  • Every email letter will be REBRANDED with YOUR affiliate Links.

To qualify for this campaign:

  1. Join my SFI Team OR purchase a copy of SFI Affiliate Success Handbook
  2. Open an Adkreator account via my affiliate link. (free or upgraded. If you have an upgraded account I will be able to add a free “confirmation” page and free “thank you page” to the campaign, with your SFI affiliate links embedded in them. New subscribers will be redirected to those pages as they subscribe and confirm their subscription with you.
  3. Join my Trafficwave downline and upgrade your autoresponder account so that I can replicate my email campaign series on your account. (Monthly Trafficwave subscription = $17.95)

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