Residual Income TV Review

Residual Income TV Review


Residual Income tv is a fully editable web page where you can “plug in” and promote your favourite programs or other sites that you are involved in.

As such, is the perfect fit for my “Top 5 Program” approach to Internet marketing.

Residual Income TV Gives You Diversity AND Focus!

I believe having a set of FIVE programs to promote, and ONE page where you can promote them. That gives you both DIVERSITY (so you can generate multiple streams of online income). It also gives you FOCUS so you don’t get overwhelmed by having too many programs to promote.

Visit my page and you will see that I have plugged four of my top five programs into the system.

Of course, as Residual Income tv is my fifth program, I do not need to plug it into the site as the site sells itself!

So I use the fifth slot to send traffic to my blog, 🙂

Residual Income TV Puts You In Control

Residual Income tv is simply the MOST flexible “plug in” style downline builder I’ve ever experienced. And I have tried quite a few other “plug and play” systems over the years.

You can add banner ads and social media links for each program you promote.

With Residual Income tv, you can embed YouTube videos alongside the text to promote each program. You can also add an introductory video at the top of the page.

Another thing I like about the page is that you can easily update your content. I post weekly news updates for three of my programs, SFI, MPA and MPCA, as well as a general news update for my business in the intro section at the top.

A further benefit of the system is that you can replace the standard opt-in form with your own autoresponder form. That means you can build your list while promoting your top five programs all on a single web page.

Not only that… You can also completely customize the look of the page by removing the top banner and editing the background colour. You can replace the colour scheme with your own background photo if you wish.

In short, Residual Income tv is the best designed and most flexible business promoter that I have seen. (I think I already said that, but I LOVE how well designed it is.)

Residual Income TV Affiliate Program

Now let’s look at the affiliate program… runs a 10 level affiliate program with a 3 x 3 forced matrix.

  • Earn a total of 25%​ on everybody you personally sponsor, no matter where they fall in the matrix.
  • Get paid 5%​ on each level, up to 10 levels​ deep.
  • Earn two generations of Matching Bonuses, 10% Generation 1​ and 5% Generation 2.

Qualifications for Rank:

  • Sponsor 0:​ Rank as a Starter and earn from 2 levels.
  • Sponsor 1:​ Rank advance to Bronze and earn from 3 levels.
  • Sponsor 2:​ Rank advance to Silver and earn from 4 levels.
  • Sponsor 3:​ Rank advance to Gold and earn from 5 levels.
  • Sponsor 4:​ Rank advance to Platinum and earn from 6 levels.
  • Sponsor 5+:​ Rank advance to Diamond and earn from 10 levels.

You can join FREE for 7 days to test-drive the system. After that, it costs just $10 a month to maintain your membership. You can jump to Diamond by purchasing annual or lifetime memberships.

Conclusion will not only help you to be more efficient in promoting your favourite online programs. It will also build your list for you. And generate a lucrative additional stream of residual and one-time online income for you.

That’s why Top5Programs leads with and why I believe you should too!

David Hurley