Programs That Used To Be On My Top 5 Programs List

The purpose of Top5Programs is to help you find and work with programs that are built to last. Programs that have been tried and tested. 5-Star Programs you can build a viable and value-driven online business with.

Yet, things change fast on the Internet, and some programs grow old or cease to be what they once were.

Others simply get pushed out by programs that I find I am using more.

Many of the programs that drop out of the Top 5 are just still great programs. I still use several of them. It’s just that they are no longer my primary programs.

So, here is a list of programs that used to be on my Top 5 list but were dropped, replace, retired, or pushed out by other programs for various reasons:

Article Video Robot (T5P 2016-2018)4 stars

Article Video Robot continues to be as good as it ever was. A quality service with an excellent affiliate program and responsive program owner.

However, I do not use it as much as I used to. Also, the program has not kept up to date with newer video creation services such as Spark Adobe which looks amazing. I am planning to try it out shortly. Even if I upgrade, Spark Adobe only costs $9.99 per month, compared to the standard $47 per month for Article Video Robot. (Actually, it is easy to get a 50% discount, so the effective price is around $23.50 per month, which is what I was paying.)

Nowadays I use Screencastify to make screencast-style videos so I can show people how to use various tools and programs. Those videos are much more engaging than AVR’s article-conversion videos, and Screencastify is free, or just $2 per month for the paid version.

Article Video Robot was replaced by LeadsLeap in my Top 5 Programs listings. I noticed I was using LeadsLeap every day and AVR much less.

I give AVR four stars for excellent service, but feel it is time to move on.

Read my review of Article Video Robot here.


3 starsBuild Your Matrix (T5P 2016-2017)

Build Your Matrix is a free downline-builder program. When BYM launched I was already active in three of the five programs it promoted. I liked the design of the program and thought it was a good fit for my Top 5 Programs.

However, as with this kind of “plug in” system, you have no control over what programs are added or taken away. The owners of BYM have become keen on crytptocurrency matrix programs. (I think this is a better way to accumulate cryptocurrency risk free.)

Today, BYM promotes eight programs and I only actively promote one of them ( Trafficwave ). I still use the advertising services of the other two, Leased Ad Space and Infinity Banners.

I also came to feel that having a downline-builder as a Top 5 Program really meant I was promoting 5 + 5 programs. In the end it was not compatible with my original purpose for

In 2017 I started testing Residual Income TV and replaced BYM with it in my Top 5 Programs list for a few months (see below).

I give BYM 3 stars because it is a perfectly legitimate program and the design is very smooth. If matrix-programs and downline-builders are your thing, then this is a good one. Especially if you are also into cryptocurrencies.

Read my full review of Build Your Matrix here.


Residual Income TV Review (T5P 2017)

In the early days of Top5Programs I was still interested in the “downline builder” concept but wanted to have full control over which programs were being promoted. I found Residual Income TV offered the flexibility I was looking for and had some very nice features for the $10 a month subscription fee.

However, after extensive testing, I found that RITV simply attracted too may “tire-kickers” and was very poor at converting subscribers into upgraded members of any of the programs or of RITV itself.

Also, while I was testing the program, Paypal stopped endorsing it, along with many other matrix programs, safelists and traffic exchanges.

So, in 2017 I decided to replace RITV with my good old friend, Adkreator. Adkreator enables you to create your own squeeze pages so you don’t need to promote other people’s downline-builders such as BYM and RITV. You will always stay in control of what you are promoting (unlike with BYM) and create unique promotional pages (unlike with BYM and RITV). I posted a review of Adkreator here.

I give RITV 3 stars because it has a lot of good features in spite of the disappointing results. In the end, it is better to use your own original landing pages. RITV marked the end of my lengthy flirtation with “downline builder” programs.

Read my full review of Residual Income TV here.

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