The Online Ad Network Review


If you are looking for an easy online business in the lucrative online advertising niche, The Online Ad Network  (TOAN) is a good place to start.

The Online Ad Network was launched by Brian Rooney (who also runs the Trafficwave autoresponder service) in 2008, so it has passed the test of longevity.

The Online Ad Network is a very easy online business to run because it has just one product – online advertising – and an easy-to-promote business plan.\r\n\r\nHere is a link to a free video by Brian Rooney that explains how The Online Ad Network works. (The video will automatically load and play.)

Every Online Business Needs It!

Every online business needs to advertise, so by promoting TOAN, you immediately have something useful to offer, and the 15 day $1 trial period allows your prospects to try out the service first before committing to it.

Also, because The Online Ad Network allows you to post an unlimited number of ads for a fixed fee of just $19.95 per month, it give you the opportunity to leverage your advertising by placing as many ads as you like on the site.

For example, I post every available 460×30 and 125×125 banner ad from every program that I am promoting. That allows me to test all the banners of any given program against each other to see which ones produce the most clicks.

Talking of clicks, the CTRs tend to be very good. I have CTRs of up to 24% on some of my banner ads, and some people have achieved CTRs of up to 50% on their text ads!

Use TOAN To Promote Your Primary Business

TOAN does not even need to be your primary online business. If you are already involved with a network marketing company then promoting TOAN will help you build a relationship with online marketers, which will then allow you to introduce your primary business to them.

TOAN is cheap and easy to set up, and the need for the product is obvious.

Yes, It IS Easy To Promote…

Is it really that easy to promote TOAN?

Well, it depends how you do it! I don’t recommend that you do what most people do, which is go the lazy route and promote the standard affiliate page on the traffic exchanges…

As usual, if you invest a little bit more time and effort into TOAN, you will get good results in promoting it, and yes, it IS easy to promote when you do it right!

Building TOAN With Build Your Matrix

I use BuildYourMatrix to promote The Online Ad Network.

BuildYourMatrix is a downline builder that focusses on five tried and tested “matrix” programs. The beauty of TOAN is that you can easily get paid to advertise when you promote the program. TOAN has a 3×9 matrix and you get paid for everybody who lands in your matrix even if you did not recruit that person.

I use BuildYourMatrix to build my list, refer people into my five matrix downlines, and generate a steady stream of commissions from people who join and upgrade in any of those programs.

By working with BuildYourMatrix, I have completely automated the process of building my TOAN downline.

BuildYourMatrix is an Easy-To-Replicate Cash-Generating Marketing Funnel

When you have a marketing funnel such as BuildYourMatrix, and use it to present your programs and deliver valuable information in the follow-up, you will start to see results.

Click here to read my review of BuildYourMatrix elsewhere on this blog. Find out more about how you can use BuildYourMatrix to build your downlines in The Online Ad Network and four other tried and tested matrix programs.

Here’s to YOUR online success!

David Hurley

P. S. The beauty of this system is that The Online Ad Network sends traffic to my sites – including my BuildYourMatrix squeeze page – via the banner and text ads I place on the site. Meanwhile, BuildYourMatrix builds my downline and income in TOAN and four other matrix programs.

The result is that I am able leverage my advertising, cross-promote all my advertising assets, and get paid to advertise, not just with TOAN, but with all my other programs as well.