Build Your Matrix

Build Your MatrixBuild Your Matrix was launched by Carol Walczak in January 2017. It comes with a couple of key features that makes it one of the best downline builders I have seen in over ten years in the industry. That makes it a very attractive program indeed.

Even so, you might be wondering, who needs another downline-builder?

The key difference, which makes BuildYourMatrix the best downline builder in my opinion, is that it focuses on just five programs. Even better, the program owners are trusted and respected and the programs have stood the test of time.

When you make a commission, you WILL get paid.

The five programs are:

  • Trafficwave, launched in 2000 by Brian Rooney.
  • The Online Ad Network, launched in 2008 by Brian Rooney.
  • 4 Corners Alliance, launched in 2013 by David Harrison.
  • Crazy About Banners, launched in 2013, taken over by Paula Zuehlke in 2016.
  • Leased Ad Space, launched in 2016 by Richard Weberg.

Joining Build Your Matrix: An Easy Decision!

I was already a member of FOUR of those programs when BuildYourMatrix was launched. I have been with Trafficwave and TheOnlineAdNetwork since 2012. I joined 4 Corners Alliance in 2013, but did actively promote it. I joined LAS in 2016 and use it to drive traffic to my sites.

I also know about Carol Walczak’s excellent record in the safelist and Internet marketing areas.

So joining BYM was an obvious next step for me. It is also a great way to make promoting my online business much more efficient. I can now promote five trusted programs with a single link.

According to Carol she is not planning to add any more programs to BuildYourMatrix. Instead, she wants to focus on with the ones she knows and trusts. They are the ones that regularly pay their affiliates!

There is another reason why Carol chose those five programs. They are all matrix (multi level) programs so we can all earn from each other’s efforts as well as our own. Building multiple streams of online income suddenly got a whole lot easier!

Build Your Matrix is also a List Builder!

Yes, it hooks up very smoothly with one of the five programs, Trafficwave, so you can use BYM to build your list as well as to grow five downlines.

Another thing I like about BuildYourMatrix is the smooth design. It is very well laid out and very easy to set up the system. BuildYourMatrix will also protect your downline integrity, unlike SOME downline-builders I have worked with… BuildYourMatrix will ONLY advertise YOUR links to YOUR downline! Once you join a program and enter your affiliate URL into the box in your BuildYourMatrix back office, your referrals will only see your links.

Build Your Matrix is 100% FREE!

Yes, BuildYourMatrix is completely free. There are no hidden upgrades or one-time-offers.

You are free to choose which programs to join. For best results, join them all so you do not miss out if one of your referrals joins a program you are not in.

If you already belong to a program, there is no need to sign up again. Simply enter your existing username/ID number into the appropriate field inside BYM and you are done.

David Hurley

Build Your Matrix