The Power Of Persistence!

the power of persistence

Thirty-eight people qualified for this week’s $25 Tripleclicks Gift Certificate Prize Draw. I used a 4-sided die and a 10-sided die on the Roll Me! app to find the winner.

Congratulations To Benahmed Kaddour!

Benahmed Kaddour: the power of persistence
Benahmed Kaddour

The winner was once again Benahmed Kaddour.

Benahmed Kaddour is one of the most consistently active members of my SFI team. He has won several of the weekly prize draws.

In addition, he often wins prizes in my monthly VP Competition for the top five most active affiliates. He came third in April’s VP Competition and won a $7 Gift Certificate.

In short, Benahmed Kaddour is an excellent example of the power of persistence. I don’t doubt that he will win more Tripleclicks Gift Certificate prizes from me as the weeks and months go by.

Join my SFI team today and you too can win prizes from me while building your online business. 🙂

David Hurley

SFI Team Leader


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  1. Hi Kaddour,

    You’re most welcome! Congratulations on your second (21st May) win this month! Thank you for demonstrating once again the power of persistence!

    I have sent your $25 Gift Certificate.

    Stay active, and with your good luck you are very likely to win again… and again! 🙂

    David Hurley

  2. Hello dear David,
    Good day hope all is fine, honestly I’m very happy for the nice win
    Big thanks for all your best for our team, & I’m always proud to be part of this nice team & small business family

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