Team Atlantis Rising

I am in Didi Wargo’s downline and an active member of her Team Atlantis Rising co-op. Team Atlantis Rising helps Trafficwave members to build strong downlines and earn residual income from the Trafficwave program.

I fulfil my commitment to promote the Team Atlantis Rising squeeze page on autopilot. It is easy to do, and I recommend Team Atlantis Rising to everybody in my Trafficwave downline.

Here’s how it works…

 Team Atlantis promotes members of the team through two different rotators. Each rotator delivers three PAID Trafficwave referrals for a total of six paid members in your downline.

But we’re not done yet.

This is the super exciting part. Every time you have a direct referral in the first hot seat, you will receive another PAID TW direct referral from the team. This is a special reward to sponsors who interact with their referrals, encourage them, offer them assistance, etc.

Team Atlantis Rising members receive a total of six direct referrals while in the rotators. Every time each of those original six referrals reach the hot seat, their sponsor (i.e. YOU) will receive another PAID Trafficwave direct referral.

So now you have a total of twelve direct referrals and the second set of six (6) direct referrals will also reach the hot seat and provide you with another six (6) direct referrals. Now we’re at 18 direct referrals.

Do you see what’s happening here?

As the original sponsor, you will continue to receive direct referrals that will provide you with another direct referral.

This is amazing. There has NEVER EVER been a system that can even remotely compare to Team Atlantis Rising’s system of recruiting truly unlimited PAID Trafficwave referrals. 

Team Requirements

1. All members who expect to receive direct referrals from the team are required to send 750 or more hits per week to their team provided ad tracker page/URL.

Promoting our team ads is essential to our success. This is the only way that we, as a team, can provide direct referrals and do it in a timely fashion. So we must all do our fair share of advertising. Members who do not promote our team pages will be skipped.

Here’s what I use to achieve my weekly hit quota on virtual autopilot. (I just top up the tank once a month or so and then forget about it…)

2. All members must communicate with their direct referrals in order to qualify for replacement referrals.

Replacement referrals will not be provided to any member who cannot provide proof of communications. Communications must be through your personal email provider and not the Trafficwave back office.

it’s been over seven years since Didi Wargo launched Team Atlantis Rising. 

Members are able to choose from two different options.  They may promote team pages only or may promote both their team pages and personal pages.

I recommend that members promote both.  Members can receive paid Trafficwave referrals at any time via their personal pages. Why wait to reach the hot seat to receive referrals from the team, when given the opportunity to get them sooner via your personal pages.

Promoting personal pages is good for everybody and even for the team as a whole.  This is because when our members recruit referrals prior to them reaching our hot seats, their downline will reach the hot seat sooner if they are unable to recruit on their own.

Plus, if you recruit your first three paid referrals on your own, and those new members work with Team Atlantis Rising, you will advanced to our second rotator which shortens up our first rotator and thus, shortens the wait time to reach the hot seat.