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Christmas Eve Tripleclicks Gift Certificate Prize Draw | New Entry Qualifications From 2018…

December 27, 2017 David Hurley 0

Merry Christmas to all my blog readers! Thank you for visiting my blog during the course of 2017.

On Christmas Eve I ran my weekly Tripleclicks Gift Certificate Prize Draw for the active members of my SFI downline. As there was no winner last week the cash from that draw “rolled over” and was added to this week’s pot, making a total prize of $50, very nice for Christmas!

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To My SFI Team: Get Ready For My Christmas Eve $50 Tripleclicks Gift Certificate Prize Draw!

December 17, 2017 David Hurley 0

This week, sixty-four members of my SFI downline had qualified for automatic entry into my weekly $25 Tripleclicks Gift Certificate Prize Draw.

Two ten-sided dice were used to find the winner, but the number that came up was 87, which means that there is no winner this week and the prize draw ROLLS OVER to Christmas Eve!

So on Christmas Eve the Prize Draw will be for a $50 Tripleclicks Gift Certificate.

If you are in my SFI downline and earned at least 150 Versapoints in November, make sure you have earned at least 20 VP THIS month by the time I roll the dice on Christmas Eve. You will then automatically qualify for entry into the prize draw and could win yourself a $50 Tripleclicks Gift Certificate from me!

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Tripleclicks Gift Certificate Prize Draw: The 10-Sided Red Die Is Back!

December 10, 2017 David Hurley 2

With 61 members of my downline qualified to enter this week’s $25 Tripleclicks Gift Certificate Prize Draw I had to dust off my good old red 10-sided die again. For the last couple of weeks we had fewer than 60 people qualifying, so I switched over to a 6-sided dice to represent the tens. But with 61 people in the competition this week, the 10 sided die comes back into play.