The online information-based business model is changing.

No longer is it enough to provide a static “course” to your clients. The new model is the “Mastermind group” in which leaders gather like-minded skill-seekers around them and create dynamic communities where members can also take the initiative and reach out to each other and develop a powerful group identity.

That’s what I want to do with my training around the “Top 5 Programs” approach to affiliate marketing and the best platform for that is Skool. I am using Skool to create my own mastermind group. I see Skool as the completion of my quest to create a coherent online business model based on the concept of “Top 5 Programs.”

That’s why, in 2023 I will be using Skool to build my Conversion Catalyst Mastermind community and training the members to build a profitable online business.

What is Skool?

Skool was started in 2019 and came out of its Beta phase in 2022. It is the creation of Internet marketing maverick Sam Ovens. Skool is an online education platform where you can create training courses and grow active communities of like-minded people.

The benefits of using Skool are best explained by the founder. In this video Sam Ovens shows you what you can do with Skool to set up a training community of your own:

“This is Skool” Video Transcript

Helping people on the internet has changed. Ten years ago you made a simple course. Today, courses have evolved to include student communities and event schedules.

With so many different systems students forget their logins. They get distracted or advertised to on Facebook and it’s impossible to get everybody on the same page and in sync.

If only there was a way to put the key and it being scheduled in one place.

Introducing School. [Angelic sound!]

Skool puts your community, course, and event schedule together in one place with one login, and one unified search.

Plus, we gamify it to make things engaging and fun. Students earn points by adding value to others. As they gain points they level up and the top students get shown on the leaderboards.

Skool has everything you need and nothing you don’t. You can post, like, comment, attach files, videos and polls.

You can send DMs, get notifications in app and via email. Plus it has rich user profiles, with activity charts, contributions, course progress, bios and more.

With one search you can find posts and comments, course content and members.

Admins can email broadcast all their students with a click.

You can switch between your different groups rapidly like this all in one place, with one login and one powerful search.

It’s simple, fast, user-friendly and setting it up takes minutes. Join our Skool Community to try it for yourself. It’s free to be a member. If you like what you see you can create your own group with a 14 day free trial. Click the Sign Up button to get started. We will see you inside.