Residual Income TV Review

Residual Income TV Review


In this Residual Income tv review I will explain what the program is, how it works, and whether or not I would recommend it to members of my team.

What Is

residual income tv review
An example of the kind of page you can build with Residual Income TV. is a fully editable web page where you can “plug in” and promote your favourite programs or other sites that you are involved in.

I must admit that Residual Income tv is the most flexible “plug in” style downline builder I’ve ever tested. And I have tried quite a few other “plug and play” systems over the years.

You can add banner ads and social media links for each program you promote.

Residual Income tv allows you to embed YouTube videos alongside the text to promote each program. You can also add an introductory video at the top of the page. As such, Residual Income tv works as a review page for your favourite programs. You can post them all on one page and then promote the page on traffic exchanges, safelists, classified ad pages and social media.

Another thing I like about the program is that you can easily update the content of your Residual Income tv review page. So it is easy to swap one program for another, or update your visitors on the latest developments or on your progress with each program you list.

A further benefit of the system is that you can replace the standard opt-in form with your own autoresponder form. That means you can build your list while promoting your favourite programs, all on a single web page. I work with Trafficwave (which is one of my Top 5 Programs) and I do not like it when programs try to force me to use another autoresponder service. I appreciated this level of flexibility that RI.TV offers its members, in allowing them to use their preferred choice of autoresponder.

You can also customize the look of the page by removing the top banner and editing the background colour. You can replace the colour scheme with your own background photo if you wish.

In my opinion, those features make Residual Income tv the best designed and most flexible plug-in program available today.

Residual Income TV Affiliate Program

Now let’s look at the affiliate program… runs a 10 level affiliate program with a 3 x 3 forced matrix.

  • 25%​ commissions on your upgraded personal referrals, no matter where they fall in the matrix.
  • 5%​ commissions on upgraded members of your matrix on each level, up to 10 levels​ deep.
  • Earn two generations of Matching Bonuses, 10% Generation 1​ and 5% Generation 2.

Qualifications for Rank:

  • Starter = 0 upgraded referrals:​ earn from 2 levels.
  • Bronze = 1 upgraded referral: earn from 3 levels.
  • Silver = 2 upgraded referrals:​ earn from 4 levels.
  • Gold = 3 upgraded referrals:​ earn from 5 levels.
  • Platinum = 4 upgraded referrals:​ earn from 6 levels.
  • Diamond = 5+ upgraded referrals:​ earn from 10 levels.

You can join FREE for 7 days to test-drive the system. After that, it costs $10 a month to maintain your membership. You can jump to Diamond by purchasing annual or lifetime memberships.

Testing Residual Income TV

For this Residual Income tv review, I took the monthly upgrade for three months from April to June 2017 and used the program to promote my “top 5 programs” on traffic exchanges, safelists and social media.

During that time, the page converted traffic into a regular trickle of team members. The screenshot, below, illustrates the kind of sign-up rate I was getting in a typical period:

As you can see, the page does attract interest and referrals. However, not one of those I referred upgraded and none of them followed me into the programs I was promoting on my Residual Income TV review page. That included the affiliates who I contacted directly by email. I explained to them that I was promoting the program and that they would get spillover from me if they upgraded, but nobody took any action.

Residual Income tv Login Ads

While I was testing the program, log in ads were added as a new feature for members. I decided to run an ad for my SFI squeeze page but the results were disappointing. Log in ads cost $10 per day, with a discount for each additional day you purchase. I purchased a five-day slot and sat back and waited for the results… Here they are:

That amounts to just 15 views per day, at a daily rate of 66 cents per view. Note, that is the cost per view, NOT per click!

What that experience showed me was that there were few active members in the program. I don’t think anybody has bought a login ad since because every time I log in, I get the admins ad trying to sell me the login ad slot.

residual income tv review
The login ad space has had no buyers for several weeks now; a sure sign that the program does not have a very active membership base.

Paypal Stops Working With RI.TV

A few days later, in July, we received the news that Paypal was no longer working with the program (because of the matrix-based affiliate program). I had subscribed through Payza, so I was not directly affected.


In concluding my review I want to acknowledge that the program has many nice features. I was attracted by the flexibility that allows you to promote several of your favourite programs all on a single page. I thought it might be a good match for my Top 5 Programs concept of earning multiple income streams while maintaining a narrow focus.

However, while the program does generate a regular flow of sign-ups, it does not convert those sign ups into paying customers very effectively – at least in my experience. It also did not generate any business for my other programs.

Why I Prefer AdKreator

As such, I believe my tried and tested use of Adkreator squeeze pages to be a better option than using RI.TV.

I have been using Adkreator for several years now and have referred a lot of upgraded members. I earn residual as well as one-time income. Commissions can be received via Paypal or Payza.

Also, Adkreator allows me to use Trafficwave opt in forms and embed videos onto my squeeze pages, and the design features give me even more flexibility than RI.TV.

That’s why I have decided to make Adkreator one of my Top 5 Programs instead of RI.TV.

David Hurley

residual income tv review

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