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This month I have made a couple of changes to my Top 5 Programs list. First of all, I added ResidualIncome.tv to the list because it fits in so well with the concept of earning multiple income streams through a single focus.

Anybody who has been following me over the years will remember that I used to promote the old My Surf Biz site for similar reasons. ResidualIncome.tv is more flexible and also offers greater income potential than My Surf Biz did, through its 3 x 3 matrix program. I blogged about ResidualIncome.tv a few days ago so no need to repeat everything here.

One In… Which One Out…?

When I added ResidualIncome.tv to my Top 5 Programs list, I had to remove a program from the site. I decided to remove Build Your Matrix, but in retrospect I think that was a mistake.

Just after I had removed BYM, it emerged that MyPayingAds and MyPayingCryptoAds were having difficulties with cash flow and stopped paying out. 

Now, I believe Uday Nara to be an honest and diligent program owner. I believe he wants to make a long-term success of both MPA and MPCA. We are expecting an update on his plans for both sites later today. However, for reasons I mention in this updated MPCA review I have decided to remove MPCA from my Top 5 Programs and replace it with Build Your Matrix.

Build Your Matrix

Build Your Matrix is a free downline builder for five reliable long-term matrix programs, including one of my key Internet marketing tools, my Trafficwave autoresponder. I also use three of the other programs that BYM works with to promote my business (The Online Ad Network, Leased Ad Space, Crazy About Banners). Read my Build Your Matrix Review Here.

In addition, Build Your Matrix accords with my own approach of building “multiple income streams through a single focus” and by adding it back to my Top 5 Programs I am achieving a greater synergy. I will be promoting a total of nine programs through my Top 5 list, and those Top 5 will all be promoted through ResidualIncome.tv.

I will continue to work with revenue-sharing programs, especially as they offer an essentially free way to generate a lot of targeted traffic. But due to the inherently unstable nature of those programs, at least up until now, it is not prudent to load my Top 5 Programs with more than one of them.

In the meantime, I will keep my eye on how things progress with MyPayingAds over the next few days and weeks.

And Today’s $25 Tripleclicks Gift Certificate Prize Draw Winner Is…

Today we had another winner in our weekly SFI Tripleclicks Gift Certificate Prize Draw.

68 members of my team qualified to enter this week’s prize draw. They earned at least 150 VP in April and at least 10 VP so far this month.

… Zenobio Souza From Brazil!

The dice roll was 29 and the 29th person in my genealogy this week was Zenobio Souza who is in the second generation of my SFI downline. Zenobio is from Brazil and I think he is our first Brazilian winner.

Zenobio’s sponsor is Hans Bergmeier. Hans has had several winners in his downline already.

Prizes Benefit Winners’ Uplines As Well As Winners!

The more active affiliates you have in your downline, the more likely it is that you will benefit regularly from my weekly prize draws. When one of your PSAs spends their Gift Certificate on Tripleclicks, you will likely earn some commission. Even if you do not, someone in your team has just been given a big boost, which is good for you.

So, as these prize draws continue to add buying power to my downline, I hope more and more people will understand the value of running prize draws and will start to offer their own. These prizes are not “expenses” but a fixed monthly investment which yields a profit month by month in increased downline activity.

If you’d like to participate, join my SFI Team and make a point of earning VP with SFI every day. It is very easy to do.

All the best,

David Hurley


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