How To Increase Sales In Your Business With Rewardicals

everybody likes rewardicals

Many people who start an online business struggle to sell anything. If you are one of those people you probably want to know how to increase sales in your business.

Of course there are many reasons why you aren’t getting many online sales, and many ways to fix that.

For example, if you run a business blog, make sure your blog content is purpose-driven.

Your purpose is to sell your stuff. So present your products or services as solutions to problems. Put a strong Call To Action (CTA) somewhere in every blog post you publish.

Another thing you can do is tap into the marketing power of online communities that offer rewards programs. 

My favourite example is SFI, the most popular free-to-join program on the Internet…

SFI Rewardicals

how to increase sales in your business with Rewardicals
Click the photo and use the PROMO CODE 92aee7 to get started with 25 FREE Rewardicals.

SFI recently launched a website called where they give away digital reward tokens called Rewardicals.

Rewardicals can be exchanged for Bitcoin, Gift Cards, charitable donations. SFI affiliates can exchange them for business-boosting Versapoints or TCredits.

Soon, you will be able to exchange them for silver bullion bars.

If you run a business, you can use the Rewardical program to increase sales by offering them as rewards for every $10 spent by each of your cusomters.

This Week’s Prize Draw Video

I talk about how to increase sales in your business with Rewardicals in the first half of this video, immediately before I run my weekly Tripleclicks Gift Certificate Prize Draw for the active members of my SFI downline.

Here’s how to increase sales in your business with Rewardicals

Step 1: Go to to enroll in the Rewardical program (free). Enter the promo code 92aee7 to claim 25 FREE Rewardicals while you are doing that.


how to increase sales in your business with rewardicals


Step 2: Apply to join the Rewardicals E-Commerce Associates here:…

This is easy to do. If you are selling digital services, select the blue “Online Only” button. Then enter your sales website URL and fill in the rest of the short form.

Allow a few days (not more than a week) for your site to be approved. Rewardicals will link to your site and you will start attracting traffic as “Rewardical hunters” come searching for products to buy so they can earn Rewardicals.

Step 3: Log in to Rewardicals and set up your account to auto-pay Rewardicals to your customers. Or, if you prefer, you can issues Rewardicals manually on the Rewardicals site after each sale. But if you automate the process you will save yourself one extra job.

Either way, it’s very easy to run. Offering Rewardicals will help you to attract more buyers to your site, get more sales and make more money. 🙂

So that’s how to increase sales in your business with Rewardicals, which is part of the SFI program. Another part of the SFI program is their Tripleclicks site. If you are building an SFI downline, I’ll show you how to increase activity in your downline by giving away Tripleclicks Gift Certificates.

This Week’s $50 Tripleclicks Gift Certificate Prize Draw

Transcript begins 4 minutes 17 seconds into the video:

Okay, with all that said and done, let’s get on with this week’s $50 Tripleclicks Gift Certificate Prize Draw.

Now, the $50 will go to somebody in my downline who has stayed active with SFI.

  • Last month they will have earned at least 150 Versapoints.
  • So far this month, it being the second Sunday in February, they will have earned at least ten Versapoints.
  • They will have logged in at least once on or since 8th February.
  • And they’ll have filled in their monthly goals in SFI.

Forty four people in my downline have achieved those goals. Another forty or fifty or sixty have come close but not achieved all those goals, so they drop out of today’s Prize Draw, which is rather unfortunate.

Nevertheless, I do want to make sure it is people who are ACTIVELY ENGAGED with SFI who are winning my cash.

So, let’s see if one of my active downline members is a winner today, or if this $50 pot will roll over to next week.

[Shakes dice…]

And The Winner Is…

The red six-sided die signifies tens (6 = 0) and the yellow ten-sided die signifies units, so #40 wins today’s $50 Gift Certificate!

Well, yes, we do have a winner this week. It’s number 40. “Four” on the red die shows the tens and the zero on the yellow die shows us that it’s number forty. Number forty is the winner.

Let’s come down here and see who we have. Ten, twenty, thirty, forty… Well it’s been a long time (since) one of my CSAs has been the winner. And that is, Lisa Smith, who I think may have won before. [Yes, this is Lisa’s THIRD win in the weekly prize draws!]

Lisa Smith, thank you for being an active member of my downline as one of my CSAs. CSAs as well as PSAs and direct downline members through all generations who qualify. I’m as happy to give away my cash to an active CSA as to anybody else.

Well done Lisa Smith for staying active and staying engaged. You have just won yourself a $50 Gift Certificate, provided that you take the last step, and that is to post a comment on my blog. As soon as I see it and approve it I will send you your $50 Tripleclicks Gift Certificate.

End of Transcript

So there we have it! How to increase sales in your business with Rewardicals and Tripleclicks, two parts of the amazing SFI business program. 

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David Hurley

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David is a business blogger who started his first website back in 1997 and has been running an online business since 2000. He uses the concept of Top 5 Programs to build multiple online income streams without losing focus. David recommends Wealthy Affiliate to anyone who wants to build a profitable online business. Read more about David on his About page.


  1. Hey David,

    I never heard of rewardicals before. This seems like an exciting way to increase sales! Giving people incentives to click on your product. You talked about “rewardical hunters”. Does that mean on the Rewardicals website they will give out your website to users and have them complete the task that is given? Thanks


    • Hi Michael,

      Thank you for popping by and posting a comment. Yes, if you have an online store, or sell goods and services on your blog, as I do, you can become an E-Commerce Associate with and have your site added to their listings. 

      People who want to earn Rewardicals while shopping online search the listings, so it’s a good way to bring traffic to your site and generate more sales.

      All the best,

      David Hurley


  2. Hi Hirohurl,
    This is an exciting site, so happy to have come across this site. Many people search always on how to get a site like yours. This site must be drawing a huge amount of traffic and I will be glad to associate with a site like this.

    What I don’t understand is if those who have niche site or who promote products occasionally are eligible to create an account with this type of website you are talking about.

    • Anybody with a business website of their own can join and apply to set up an ECA account. 

      Some people set up sites on Shopify and other online store platforms. Others, like myself, sell our products and services directly from our own blogs. (I use E-junkie for my shopping card and a WordPress site hosted on SiteRubix for my blog.)

      Hope that helps.

      David Hurley


  3. Hey David,
    Interesting article. I’ve never heard of rewardical or SFI for that matter.
    Seems like you’re doing very well with it, giving away weekly draws and stuff. I’m just wondering does SFI use a MLM compensation plan? With the mention of downlines and stuff, it reminds me of it.


    • HI Wilson,

      Yes, SFI has a multi-level compensation plan. My weekly and monthly prizes are an **fixed cost** investment in the active members of my team and it pays off nicely. It’s also fun to do.

      All the best,

      David Hurley


  4. I find this interesting. I work as a currency analyst, in both fiat and crypto currencies, so the fact that you can turn in rewardicals for Bitcoin seems like an interesting proposition. I also like that you aren’t stuck with cryptos either. (I personally believe that the jury is out on cryptos.)

    Anyway, thanks for the info, I found it interesting and something to think about.


    • Thank you for your comment, Christopher.

      My approach to Bitcoin is to find ways to “earn” them rather than “invest” my cash in them. Rewardicals is one way to do that, Bitcoin faucets is another.

  5. Hi, thanks for this information. I have always wondered how bloggers have managed to give away free prizes, It helps me out to know that it isn’t an out of pocket thing. Once I get some more traffic to my site, I will definitely be looking to get involved with rewardicals and get some activity on my site.

    • Hi Jacob,

      The free rewardicals you give away on a purchase are funded through a 5% commission that Rewardicals deducts from the retail price of the item you are selling.

      The Rewardical program is very new. I expect they will eventually enable bloggers to give away Rewardicals to people who visit their blogs and perform some kind of task. It may be something as simple as clicking on a “Claim 25 Rewardicals” banner or something. However, bloggers would have to pay for those rewardicals if there is no sale of goods involved in the transaction.

  6. Thank you, David! That is great information. Some of which, I didn’t know. I appreciate an up line that takes the time to explain how new things in our program work. Thank you so much and Thank you for the gift certificate.

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