How To Boost Your Profits With The New SFI Compensation Plan

On 1st May 2019 the new SFI Compensation Plan was unveiled in an SFI forum announcement by SFI CEO Gery Carson. The SFI comp plan is much easier to understand than previous versions. I believe it will also prove to be more lucrative. So in this blog post I will take you through three key points and show you how you can use them to boost your profits with the new SFI Compensation Plan.

A few days ago I made a video which included a review the new comp plan, starting around the 2 minute 17 second mark:

Understanding SFI Commission Volume

The new SFI comp plan is very easy to understand because it now has just two parts, Direct Commissions and the Executive Pool. But before we look at how the comp plan works, it is important to understand the term “Commission Volume” or CV for short.

Commission Volume is the portion of the purchase price that is returned to affiliates in the form of commission payments. So when we talk about “50% Direct Commission” we mean 50% of the Commission Volume, NOT 50% of the purchase price of a product.

So for example, if one of your Personally Sponsored Affiliates (PSAs) sets up an auto-delivery for 100 T-Credits per month, here’s how the commission works out for you and the Executive Pool:

  • 100 T-Credits per month auto-delivery purchase price = $29.00
  • Commission Volume (CV) = $14.00
  • You earn a Direct Commission of 50% CV = $7.00
  • Executive Pool receives 50% of CV = $7.00

3 Benefits Of The New SFI Compensation Plan

#1: 50% Direct Commissions!

The first big benefit of the new SFI Compensation Plan is the 50% CV that we earn on purchases made by all our Personally Referred Affiliates (PSAs) and Personally Referred Members (PRMs), as in the example above.

SFI Direct Commissions have never been so high and this positive move shows that SFI is serious about helping to improve profitability for their active affiliates.

#2: Executive Affiliates Earn Extra Cash On Their Monthly VP Totals

Earn 1,500 VP during the month and you will be promoted to Executive Affiliate (EA). EAs earn 1 share in the Executive Pool per VP they accumulate up to 1,500 shares, and then 500 shares for each 500 VP earned above that.

That means it really makes sense to round up your VP as much as possible. For example if you have accumulated 2,465 VP by 29th of the month, be sure to earn another 35 VP before the end of the month to round up your total to 2,500. If you don’t, you’ll earn 2,000 shares in the Executive Pool. The 465 VP won’t count. But if you earn 35 more VP, you’ll have 2,500 VP and so you will get 2,500 shares in the Executive Pool, not just 2,000.

#3: Team Leaders Earn Matching VP On Their Downline & CSA EAs

Once your team starts to grow you should aim to become a Team Leader because you will earn Matching VP on the VP earned by EAs in your downline as well as any CSA EAs you may have.

  • As a Bronze Team Leader, you’ll earn matching VP on all EAs in your downline through 2 generations + on all your EA CSAs.
  • As a Silver Team Leader, you’ll earn matching VP on all EAs in your downline through 4 generations + on all your EA CSAs.
  • As a Gold Team Leader, you’ll earn matching VP on all EAs in your downline through 8 generations + on all your EA CSAs.
  • As a Platinum Team Leader or a Diamond Team Leader, you’ll earn matching VP on all EAs in your downline through 12 generations + on all your EA CSAs.


The new SFI Compensation Plan is very simple. It divides Commission Volume on each purchase into just two pots. Affiliates earn 50% of CV in Direct Commissions. The other 50% goes into the Executive Pool and will be shared out among qualifying affiliates at the end of each month.

The new Executive Pool makes it much more important for affiliates to get to EA rank than ever before. Executive Affiliates can tap into the earning power of the new Executive Pool to boost their own earnings.

As their team grows and they develop more EAs, affiliates will be much more likely to upgrade to one of the Team Leader ranks to tap into the extra profits that are buried in their downlines.

If you have any questions about the new SFI Compensation Plan, drop me a line or post them in the comments below and I will get back to you.

David Hurley


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