Free Ad Site Traffic Storm

Discover Exactly How To Make Money Online With Traffic Exchanges, Viral Mailers & Other Free Ad Sites (6th Edition, 2019)

If you struggle to get traffic to your website, if you have not succeeded in building a list of 1,000 or more subscribers… If you have tried traffic exchanges, viral mailers, free classified ad sites and so on, but failed to recruit anybody to your business, then YOU NEED TO READ THIS REPORT.

Originally published in 2012 as “TE Traffic Storm” by Internet marketing expert, and SFI Team Leader David Hurley, Free Ad Site Traffic Storm is now in its 6th EDITION!

The 6th edition was released in 2019 and contains new material reflecting recent developments in Traffic Exchanges, Viral Mailers and other types of advertising site that offer free as well as paid advertising services, typically for the “biz op,” and “home based business” markets.

Free Ad Site Traffic Storm reveals how you can quickly create a STORM OF TRAFFIC to your web pages, build your list, promote your business AND GENERATE A CONSTANT STREAM OF CASH ON THE FRONT END EVEN BEFORE ANYBODY JOINS YOUR MAIN BUSINESS PROGRAM!

All you have to do is give people what they want!

Sounds easy, right?

But 99.99% of free ad site users get it wrong – even the ones who have learnt how to use “splash pages” still “get it wrong”.

With this ebook in your hands you will at last have the blueprint to making money on autopilot by placing traffic-pulling ads on Traffic Exchanges, Viral Mailers, Classified Ad Sites, Banner Ad Sites, and any other free ad sites on the Internet.

Here’s what the book contains:

  • Introduction
  • The WRONG Way To Use Free Ad Sites
  • The Benefits Of Learning How To Use Free Ad Sites Effectively
  • What Is The Most Effective Way To Use Free Ad Sites?
  • The Indirect Way To Build Your Business With Free Ad Sites
  • The Golden Rule Of TE Success = ON/OFF
  • Use THIS Resource To Create Squeeze Pages With A Few Clicks Of Your Mouse!
  • How To Use Splash Pages & Squeeze Pages On Traffic Exchanges and Viral Mailers
  • Get Set Up With A Professional Autoresponder Service
  • The Follow Up
  • What Is A Funded Proposal?
  • Winning Trust With Free Advice
  • What Are The Best Sources Of Free Traffic To Recommend?
  • Why You Should Buy Lifetime Membership Deals
  • A Storm Of Traffic For Zero Out Of Pocket Expenses
  • Manage All Your Sites On A Single Website
  • Set Up Your Funded Proposal
  • Review
  • The Virtuous Circle
  • Your Main Focus = Build Your List

David Hurley


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