“Conversion Catalyst” Mastermind Is Coming Soon!

I have some exciting news for the coming year! I’m launching a new Mastermind group called “Conversion Catalyst” (beta wave 1) on 7th February 2023.

3rd January Update: I have just posted a video and more details about the Mastermind on the Conversion Catalyst landing page.

Wanted! 30 Action Takers Looking To Make Progress In 2023

In the beta version I’m looking for 30 people to work with.

  • This is for you if you are not satisfied with your results BUT are determined to invest in yourself and grow a successful and profitable online business that can replace or supplement your current sources of income.
  • This is for you if you are worried about your financial security going into your 50s, 60s and beyond…
  • This is for you if you want to challenge yourself, step out of your comfort zone and grow your marketing skillset in 2023.

This is NOT for you if you do not want to invest in your business or yourself! Conversion Catalysts are not freebie seekers or tyre-kickers; they are investors and action takers who are ready and willing to learn, and to share what they have learnt with the community.

Community is the Key!

Imagine being part of a vibrant and friendly online business mastermind community where we share ideas and learn how to build a profitable and sustainable online business. It will be a place where it is fun to hang out and learn together in a mutually encouraging community.

Conversion Catalyst will train you to create a “product engine” that generates recurring income across several high quality programs.

You will also learn how to build a “traffic engine” and grow a mailing list of hot prospects for your business.

We will also train you to create your own products, services and ultimately, your own mastermind group.

The Conversion Catalyst membership will consist of:

  • Classroom training modules with text and video segments.
  • Live group calls on Zoom.
  • Chat with members, ask questions, post updates, share your knowledge in our community.
  • New marketing content added every month for you to download and use on your blog, mailing list, or as video or audio content.

Interested? Join the waitlist here to be notified the moment it goes live.

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David is a business blogger who started his first website back in 1997 and has been running an online business since 2000. He uses the concept of Top 5 Programs to build multiple online income streams without losing focus. David recommends Wealthy Affiliate to anyone who wants to build a profitable online business. Read more about David on his About page.


  1. Hi David, your Conversion Catalyst Mastermind sounds super interesting! I’m really intrigued to hear about how Conversion Catalyst will teach you to build a product engine that generates recurring income and how to get the traffic to create a large, profitable mailing list. Is there a cost to your mastermind?

  2. Thank you for the article! There is a lot of great information here about being successful in creating an online business. I’m excited for conversion catalyst to come out soon. The information found in your site could help anyone become a successful online business owner. I like how your article and your website are easy to navigate. This will be helpful even to those who do not know how to do things online. 

  3. I appreciate your help and am looking forward to converting catalyst. Working with others who share your interests will help you advance. individuals who share your thoughts. I’d be happy to pick up knowledge from you and make a meaningful contribution to such a group. It will undoubtedly assist in establishing my online business.

  4. It is so good to know that you are offering training when it comes to this line of work because when it comes to having success in this line of work is not easy and we sure can use all the help to help us to be able to achieve online success. Thanks so much for the advance notice.

  5. I have been trying in the last 3 years to make 2 of my websites work and get a decent basic income with affiliate marketing and ads, but I feel that I am stuck at a certain point, doing a lot of work without enough rewards. I’m curious about the further road to take and I am ready to take action. thank you for this article

    • Hi Lizzy,

      Thank you for your comment. I think “doing a lot of work without enough rewards” is what a lot of people experience when trying to build an online business.

      The causes and types of problem vary from person to person, but they are either to do with skills, mindset, motivation or consistency.

      By collaborating with people who share similar goals in a Mastermind group, we can tackle each of those problems in a fun and friendly environment. That is the purpose of Conversion Catalyst.

  6. I am an aspiring online marketer and I can honestly say that I have tried out several programs that promise to help me reach my goals. I have some progress but I can’t say I am at that point where I am financially free.

    I am not satisfied with where I am right now and I really want to have an online business that can provide for my family and sustain my lifestyle. Conversion Catalyst sounds very promising but if I may ask, how does it differ from all the online training programs out there that have made many people successful? In other words, what advantage would one have in joining your program over other courses? 

    I really appreciate it if you would tell me more, thanks, David. 

    • Hi Alice,

      Thank you for your question. One difference is that training courses tend to be static. Conversion Catalyst, however, is a Mastermind Community and while training is going to play an important part, the dynamic, collaborative aspect is very important. The aim is to build a tight-knit community of like-minded people who are willing to share their journies and their experiences with each other.

      There will be weekly collaboration webinars where members can ask questions and get instant training not just from me but from anybody in the community who has the relevant experience.

      As members engage with the community they will be able to unlock extra rewards, including 1-to-1 training on various aspects of Internet marketing.

      The focus, then is on training, engagement, collaboration, and also on having fun and creating a sense of purpose and happiness.

      Hope that helps!


  7. Thank you David, i will be looking forward to conversion catalyst. The best way to make progress is working with like minds. People who think like yourself. I will be glad to learn from you and also contribute positively in such a group. I am sure it will help reposition my online business.

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