How To Claim Rewardicals From Top5Programs

Claim Rewardicals from

Top5Programs is now working with You can claim 275 Rewardicals for every $10 you spend on purchases made through this site.

You can claim Rewardicals on every product that you buy here at, including:

What are Rewardicals?

Rewardicals are digital reward tokens that you can earn and swap for Bitcoin, Silver Bullion (coming soon), Gift Certficates, charitable donations and more at

The Rewardical program is free to join! Join Here and claim 25 FREE Rewardicals with the Promo Code 92aee7.


How To Claim Rewardicals From

Once you are a member of the Rewardicals program, you can buy any ebook, product or service from and claim Rewardicals from me.

Here’s what to do.

After you buy an e-book or other product or service from, log in to and go to your Account page. Now click the green MAKE A PURCHASE CLAIM button.

how to claim rewardicals

Then select David Hurley Online Business Services in the drop-down menu. Enter the order number and the amount you spent in the other two fields and click the Submit button.

claim rewardicals form


That’s all you need to do! will notify me about the claim. I will confirm the details and award you your rewardicals.

How many Rewardicals can you earn?


I will be adding more online business products and services shortly.

David Hurley




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