SFI Affiliate Success Handbook

Earn 103 Rewardicals When You Buy SFI Affiliate Success HandbookSFI Affiliate Success Handbook  shows you how to turn the SFI affiliate program into a profitable online business. It is the result of more than ten years’ experience of making money with SFI.

Discover exactly how I make money with SFI in this “no secrets held back” blueprint to running a successful online business with the Internet’s #1 free business opportunity.

I spent several years developing my SFI Affiliate Marketing techniques, from building an active team to creating and selling my own products and services for SFI affiliates and offering them on the Rewardical ECA site.

You’ll also learn how to market your SFI business, how to refer affiliates into your downline and how to get them actively involved in the SFI program.

Then I explain how to duplicate your own activity so that you can leverage the potential power of the SFI pay plan.

The fourth edition includes new material that explains the Zing Network and shows you the power of TCredits and how to work with the new Rewardical digital tokens to increase your sales and profits.


  • Introduction
  • Part 1: How To Make Money With SFI
  • Part 2: How To Motivate Your SFI Team To Take Action
  • Part 3: How To Train Your SFI Team To Duplicate Your Efforts
  • Part 4: How To Recruit Prospects To Your SFI Team
  • More Advanced Steps To Promote Your SFI Business
  • Conclusion: Putting It All Together

David Hurley

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