SFI Affiliate Success Handbook

SFI Affiliate Success Handbook


SFI Affiliate Success Handbook  shows you how to turn the SFI affiliate program into a profitable online business. It is the result of more than ten years’ experience of making money with SFI.

Now you can see HOW I make money with SFI in this “no secrets held back” blueprint to running a successful online business with the Internet’s #1 free business opportunity.

I spent several years developing my SFI Affiliate Marketing techniques, from building an active team to creating and selling products and services through SFI’s E-Commerce Associates program.

I also show you how I market my SFI business and refer affiliates into my downline.

Then I explain how to duplicate your own activity so that you can leverage the potential power of the SFI pay plan.


  • Introduction
  • Part 1: How To Make Money With SFI
  • Part 2: How To Motivate Your SFI Team To Take Action
  • Part 3: How To Train Your SFI Team To Duplicate Your Efforts
  • Part 4: How To Recruit Prospects To Your SFI Team
  • More Advanced Steps To Promote Your SFI Business
  • Conclusion: Putting It All Together


David Hurley




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