Battle of Waterloo Inspires Today’s Tripleclicks Gift Certificate Prize Draw

My copy of Great Military Leaders, with my trusty ten-sided dice…

Today’s $25 Tripleclicks Prize Draw takes an off-beat turn when I remember that it is the two hundred and second anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo! I found ABBA’s classic, “Waterloo,” on YouTube.

Then I pulled my copy of Great Military Leaders off my bookshelf and used the example of Waterloo as a great defensive battle (from the Duke of Wellington’s perspective) as a metaphor for online business, especially for how to run your SFI business.

I then ran my weekly prize draw…

Here’s the video, with the transcript below:

Video Transcript

This is David Hurley of talking to you on Sunday 18th March 2017, which happens to be the 202nd anniversary of this…

Yes, it’s the 202nd anniversary, not of ABBA, but of the Battle of Waterloo. It was Napoleon’s last battle, as you probably know. He was defeated by my lord, the Duke of Wellington in one of the greatest defensive battles in military history with, I might add, the help of the Prussians, who arrived on Napoleon’s right flank as the afternoon went on.

Now, what does this have to do with what I want to talk about today, my weekly SFI Tripleclicks prize draw for the active members of my team?

Much Of Internet Marketing Is A Kind Of Defensive War

It’s simply this, that Internet marketing can be likened to a war, and much of it is fighting defensive battles, such as the Battle of Waterloo, where you spend most of your time defending your position. 

Now that’s a discipline. It takes concentration. It takes effort. I’m talking about building up good defensive habits such as the habit of logging in to SFI every day and earning five or ten VersaPoints; the habit of maintaining a rank once you have achieved it. 

For example, if you get to Bronze Team Leader then be determined to do what it takes to maintain that rank month after month after month. And if you adopt this kind of defensive posture, this determination to build the habits, to dig in where you are, and not retreat, then you will build a successful business over time. It will take time. The Battle of Waterloo wasn’t over in an hour. It took a whole afternoon and was going on as the sun was setting. 

So, defensive battles: Build the discipline. Build the habits to maintain your position. And only then will you be in a good place to move forward, to advance once those positions have been secured through the sheer habit of doing it day after day after day.

Stop Expecting A Fast Buck And Start Doing The Work

Too many people are looking for the quick money. I saw a question on a forum on another site just this morning asking, “How much money can I expect to earn?”

Well, sorry, you can’t “expect” to earn any money. It all comes down to what you DO. A better question would be,

“What do I have to DO to earn a certain amount of money per month by this time next year?” for example. Then we have some decent perameters in place. We know what we need to do. And then, of course, we need to get on and do it.

Now, in my case, I moved forward a few months ago by making the decision to run this weekly SFI Tripleclicks prize draw, putting $25 of my own money into my team week after week. And this is in addition to the monthly Tripleclicks gift certificates that I give out to my top performers. 

My weekly prize draw gives anybody who is willing to take action regularly a chance to start winning some cash from me, to get recognized for their efforts. It’s a bit of fun, but anybody can achieve a place in the prize draw – anybody who is in my team.

How To Qualify To Enter My Prize Draws Every Week

I have worked it out, actually… Now, I’m an English teacher here in Japan – I’m not a mathematician, so I need my little Casio calculator here. But to automatically qualify to enter my prize draw you need to earn 150 VersaPoints a month, really. And to qualify for the weekly prize draw you need to be earning five Versapoints in that week [accumulating week by week], provided you have already earned 150 VersaPoints in the previous month.

But since the key qualification is to earn 150 Versapoints a month, then it makes sense to hit that target every month. Now you can do that as an Affiliate. You can do that as a free member. You don’t have to buy T-Credits or take any actions that involve a cash investment.

So if you are somebody who has absolutely no cash to invest in this business, one of the aims of my weekly prize draw is to give you some incentive to keep earning those VersaPoints day after day, and week after week, and month after month, to – as I said before – create this defensive habit, whereby you log in and you earn the VersaPoints every day, every week, every month.

150 VP Per Month = Just 5 A Day: You Can Do It Without Spending A Dime!

So, to earn 150 VersaPoints – I think you can do this in your head of course – but here we have it; I’ll do it on my good old Casio calculator. We have 150 VersaPoints and we divide them by 30 days of an average month. Press the equals button, and look at that! All you need to do, if you log in every day, is earn five VersaPoints a day in a thirty day month and you will automatically qualify, if you are in my downline, to enter every week of the prize draws as I run them.

And if you do that, you will quite possibly win one or more Tripleclicks Gift Certificate in my prize draw if the dice are kind to you. 

Now here’s the thing: Two people have won $100 from me, and one person last week won a $50 Gift Certificate from me, because sometimes the dice roll high and give us a higher number than the number of people who are qualified that week. And so I carry over the $25 to the next week. And so, merely by earning five VersaPoints a day, logging in every day as a member of my team, you put yourself in a position to suddenly pick up $100 here, or $50 there, or a $25 Gift Certificate – or even higher if the dice keep rolling the Gift Certificates over.

So, five VersaPoints a day, well worth thinking about if you are a member of my team. Just get into that habit of logging in. Make it a part of your daily routine, and who knows, you could win one of my prize draws.

This Week’s $25 Tripleclicks Gift Certificate Prize Draw

Now, with all that said, let’s run this week’s $25 Gift Certificate Prize Draw. There are 61 people qualified to enter the prize draw. And so, I will take my two ten-sided dice. The red die represents tens, and the yellow die represents units. I’ll throw them into my SFI cup, give it a good old shake, tip the dice into that bowl and see if we have a winner today.

[Shakes the dice and tips them into the bowl.]

Well, there we are. We have 61 people in, but the dice have rolled high. The number there is 70, and so we do not have a winner this week, which means next week’s Gift Certificate Prize Draw will be for $50. 

A $50 Gift Certificate will be up next week. So, if you earned 150< VersaPoints last month, make sure that you have earned at least 20 VersaPoints in this month to qualify for next Sunday’s prize draw. And of course, be sure to earn at least 150 VersaPoints, if you are in my team, this month to stay qualified for next month’s prize draws.

Okay folks, that’s all from me, David Hurley on the 202nd anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo. I’ll talk to you again next time.

David Hurley


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