3 Effective Options For Your Trafficwave Downline Builder

Some of my favorite business ideas are based on Trafficwave downline builder systems. Trafficwave is one of my Top 5 Programs – And besides being a great autoresponder service, Trafficwave makes a simple, but very profitable biz op.

The Trafficwave affiliate program has a multi-level downline structure. That means you can earn commissions when people in your downline start to build their teams too.

Why Use Trafficwave as a Downline Builder? 

Well, because the success of any biz op lies in building an active team. However, getting signups can be tricky for many marketers, particularly beginners. As a result, people tend to get frustrated and quit, leaving lots of great opportunities to make easy money online.

Do you want to know how to put active signups into your downline in Trafficwave or any other biz op? This post reveals three tactics that work for me

1. Buy Co-Registered Leads From Trafficwave

Trafficwave offers a co-registered lead service for each of your autoresponder campaigns. That means, you simply set up an autoresponder for a chosen marketing campaign, and apply for the co-registered lead service.

Once your application has been approved, you can start purchasing co-registered leads. Those leads are people in the Trafficwave system who see an ad for your autoresponder list and opt in. As they opt-in, they will be added to your Trafficwave list.

Generally, co-registered leads are real visitors who are looking for online business opportunities. They are people who are pre-sold on the idea of online biz ops.

With a reputable source of leads, you can easily fill space in your downline by showing them the benefits. You can do that through the emails you send your autoresponder list.

And if you duplicate the process by training your downline members to use your strategy, growth can be exponential.

2. Start Or Join A Team Traffic Co-op

A traffic co-op is when several marketers pool resources, build a single online campaign and share the results. Usually, rotator links are used in the campaigns.

Traffic co-ops are a great way to share resources ranging from advertising costs to technical skills. If you can get your existing team to participate in your traffic co-op, it means all the conversions land into your downline.

Traffic co-ops are all about getting targeted traffic to your squeeze page, or opt-in landing page. When you offer your downline a spot in your traffic co-op, you must make it clear that you are offering them targeted TRAFFIC, NOT guaranteed sign-ups.

3. Join Team Atlantis

Team Atlantis is one of the largest and most successful traffic co-ops I’ve seen online. It was started by a marketer called Didi Wargo and it has been in existence for several years.

Team Atlantis is a Trafficwave downline builder which accepts only paid members. Free trial members don’t get accepted into Team Atlantis.

Team Atlantis has one great advantage. They focus on getting you the first 3 paid signups a.s.a.p. So your monthly Trafficwave subs are quickly covered by your commissions. Each additional paid signup becomes pure profit.

In return, members must generate TE Traffic to the team links. As an optional extra, members may also promote their individual links for faster results. Again, if you get your existing team members into Team Atlantis, you can quickly build an active, profitable Trafficwave team.

Leverage the Multi-Dimensional Nature Of Marketers

Profit opportunities aren’t limited to earning commissions off your downlines. Each spot in your downline is taken by a marketer who intends to use email marketing in various markets. Drilling down to discover the needs of these marketers can open up a lot of new opportunities for you. That’s when you’ll begin to see how much more your Trafficwave downline builder is really worth.

David Hurley



P. S. Check out the Trafficwave autoresponder service with a 30 Day Free Trial – no credit card details needed. Simply sign up here and try out the autoresponder service FREE for 30 days with zero obligation.

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