2nd Generation Winner Of My $25 Tripleclicks Gift Certificate Prize Draw

In today’s video I discuss my plans for my Tripleclicks Gift Certificate Prize Draw while I’m on holiday in August.

I then roll the dice and the winner of this week’s $25 Tripleclicks Gift Certificate is a Bronze Team Leader in my second generation…

Watch the video or read the transcription below for full details:

Video Transcript

Hello folks, this is David Hurley of Top5Programs.com talking to you on Sunday 23rd July 2017. I’m just about to run my weekly SFI Tripleclicks Prize Draw for the active members of my team.

Now, this week sixty-two members of my downline have qualified to enter the prize draw and this week’s prize is a $25 gift certificate. That is the standard prize. It can go quite a lot higher if we don’t have a winner in any given week; the gift certificate will roll over to the following week.

But we had a winner last week who, I am happy to report, collected her $25 gift certificate by posting a comment on my blog and so this week’s prize is the standard $25 Tripleclicks gift certificate that you can use to buy anything you like on the Tripleclicks.com website.

How To Qualify For My Weekly Tripleclicks Gift Certificate Prize Draws

Now, to be an active member of my SFI  team – I am really through these prizes trying to encourage people to log in regularly and engage with SFI and engage with their upline and also with their downline (in terms of [communicating with] downline members who have won a gift certicate).

So, what I do is, I say that you need to have earned at least 150 Versapoints in the previous month to qualify. That’s the first qualification – well, the first qualification is to be a member of my team, of course. If you are in my downline and you have earned 150 VersaPoints or more in the previous month, then you are qualified to enter my weekly prize draws THIS month.

But, to STAY qualified, I want people to be logging in every week. I want this habit of engagement, of logging in and becoming engaged with SFI and taking the business seriously to grow among my downline, of course. And so there is the third qualification which is that you need to earn at least five Versapoints a week, and that accumulates. This is the fourth Sunday in July and so the requirement is that you have by now earned at least 20 Versapoints so far this month.

But if you have ONLY earned 20 Versapoints, keep in mind that you need to really hit 150 Versapoints by the end of the month to qualify for the prize draws that will continue through August.

My Summer Holidays And My Weekly Tripleclicks Gift Certificate Prize Draws

The prize draws will be continuing through the summer. I’m going to be away on my summer holidays for about three or four weeks. Actually, my holiday is only two weeks. What I mean is, I’ll be away for about three Sundays and then the Sunday after that I’ll also be quite busy when I come back here (Hiroshima).

So, the timing of the prize draws and the location of the prize draws is something that I’m not too sure about. However, I am resolved to run the prize draws every Sunday through this holiday period.

I’ll be going back to Britain, taking my daughter back to Britain. She’s going to attend a drama course in Ipswich and I’ll be heading off to the British Chess Championships in Wales, North Wales, Llandudno, where I’m also going to be getting some private chess tuition, one-to-one chess tuition. There.

That’s how I want to spend my Sunday [I mean, my holidays] sat across a chess board, probably drinking a bit of beer or wine, with a chess expert who I met at last year’s chess championships in Britain; they were in Bournemouth last year.

So, once that’s all done we’ll be flying back to Japan and I hope to get back into the rhythm of things in the second half of August. However, as I say, I do hope to keep running these prize draws through the holiday period.

This Week’s Prize Draw

Anyway, sixty-two members of my team have qualified for the prize draw this week. Now, to run the prize draw I roll these two dice, ten-sided dice. The red die represents the tens, and the yellow die represents the units. And I put them into my SFI cup and then shake it and tip the dice into that bowl. And the number that comes up helps me to find this week’s winner. I scroll down the genealogy of qualified members, members who qualified to enter my downline [for the prize draw] and see if we have a winner.

Now, if the total comes to more than 62, then the prize – the $25 gift certificate – will roll over to the following week and be added to that pot, making a $50 gift certifcate [prize]. And we have had $50 and $100 gift certificate winners over the last few months as well as a regular flow of $25 gift certificate winners.

So, without further ado, let me shake the dice and see if we have a winner this week.

Well, we do. And the red die has rolled a zero, so it’s somebody quite high up in my downline. And the yellow die is – I don’t know if you can see it there – it’s a nine. I now report before I show, simply because one week, a couple of weeks or so ago, about a month ago, the dice rolled when I picked up the bowl. I think I had a bit of a hangover or something, and I didn’t have the usual steady control that I like to think I have as I produce these videos.

And here it is. There it is, the number nine. That line under there shows us which way to look at that figure. It’s a nine. It’s not a six. So, the ninth person down in my genealogy has just won a $25 gift certificate. And to find out who that is, let’s scroll down now. We should find it quite easily. It is somebody called Michael Smith. Michael Smith … there it is, my cursor is right there. Michael Smith is the ninth person down in my geneaolgy, somebody in my second generation. Michael Smith, you have just won yourself a $25 Gift Certificate by being an active member of my SFI team, for which I thank you very much.

But to actually qualify [to receive the gift certificate] there is one more step that I need you to take, which is to pop over to my blog, Top5Programs.com and post a comment there. When I see your comment and have approved the comment then I will send you your $25 gift certificate.

Okay folks, that’s all from me this week. David Hurley of Top5Programs.com. I hope to be talking to you from a location somewhere in Britain this time next week. That’s all for today, though.

David Hurley

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  1. Thanks David for all the many things you do for SFI and your downline!

    I have purchased several of your ebooks and am so lucky to be in your downline! you are an inspiration to anyone in this type of business!

    • Thank you Michael,

      It’s good to have you in my team. Congratulations on being the winner of this week’s $25 Tripleclicks Gift Certificate Prize Draw!

      All the best,

      David Hurley

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