2nd Generation BTL Wins $25 In Today’s Tripleclicks Gift Certificate Draw

Forty eight members of my SFI downline qualified to take part in this week’s Tripleclicks Gift Certificate Prize Draw. The other 200 qualifiers, based on June’s VersaPoint earnings, have yet to earn their first VP in July to take part in today’s draw.

Before running my prize draw I gave a shout-out to the five top performers in my SFI team in June.

Video Transcript

This is David Hurley of Top5Programs.com talking to you on Sunday 2nd July 2017. I’m about to run my weekly SFI Gift Certificate Prize Draw for the active members of my SFI downline.

But before I do that I’d just like to give a shout-out to the top 5 VP earners – that’s VersaPoint earners – in my SFI team during June. I have just sent out their gift certificate prizes.

So, each month I run this VP competition and the top performers, the people who earn the most Versapoints in my team during the month win some nice Tripleclicks Gift Certificates from me in recognition of their efforts.

So, this month we have the top five most active members of my team in terms of Versapoints they have earned. And here they are.

June VersaPoint Competition Winners

SFI Versapoint winners of my monthly Tripleclicks Gift Certificate Prizes.

In first place this month [i.e. June] we have Hans Bergmeier, who earned an amazing 64,638 Versapoints. I have just sent you, Hans, a $25 Gift Certificate. Thank you for your efforts.

In second place we have Wayne Wells who has performed very well this month. I know that Wayne has had a difficult month this month [i.e. June] and yet in spite of that he has stuck with SFI and worked hard to earn a very creditable 21,801 Versapoints.

So well done there, Wayne, for doggedly sticking with it in spite of the problems that I know that you have had through June. And I have just sent you a $10 Gift Certificate.

Then in third place is Vincent Rohloff who earned 6,217 Versapoints in June. I have just sent you a $7 Gift Certificate, Vincent, thank you very much.

Each of those three are… Those three top winners are my PSAs, that is, members of my first generation, so I am their direct sponsor. However, I give out prizes to anybody in my team wherever they are if they perform and come through and appear in the top five in my genealogy.

And so, here we have in fourth and fifth place the winners [who] are from my third generation. And they are Benahmed Kaddour, who earned 3,970 Versapoints in June – I have just sent you a $5 Gift Certificate, Benahmed, thank you very much for your efforts.

And in fifth place is Cyril George, who also recently won one of my weekly Gift Certificates in the weekly Prize Draw. I think you won $50, Cyril. So you have just won yourself another $2 here for coming in in fifth place in June with 3,265 Versapoints.

Well done to all the active members of my team. And now that we are in July the competition starts again. So, by constantly logging in, earning Versapoints every month, taking your SFI business seriously, you can earn one of these prizes from me in recognition of your activities.

Okay, thank you very much folks for being in my top five this month.

Today’s $25 Tripleclicks Gift Certificate Prize Draw

Now let’s get on with my weekly prize draw.

So, maybe you feel that you can’t really earn several thousand Versapoints a month. Well, if you can earn 150 or more Versapoints a month you can still win prizes from me if you are in my downline. Simply by staying active at whatever level you can manage, showing some regular dedication to your SFI business, you can win one of my weekly $25 Gift Certificates.

Or, if there is no winner in a given week, the $25 Gift Certificate rolls over to the following week. Last week we had a $50 winner.

And now let us roll the dice to see if we have a $25 Gift Certificate winner this week. Now it’s the second of July so a lot of people haven’t yet earned enough Versapoints in July to enter this week’s Gift Certificate [competition]. Of the 250 or so people who earned 150< Versapoints in June – which is the first qualification to enter July’s weekly draws – only 48 have actually managed to earn 5< Versapoints so far this month.

Now, I live in Japan, so I am several hours ahead of a lot of you people who are enjoying still the first of July. Well, it’s the second of July in Japan here and in fact it’s nearly lunchtime on the second of July here in Japan, so I’m ready to run my prize draw and get it done.

48 members. I’ll roll my two dice as usual. The red die represents tens and the yellow die represents units. With 48 in, we have pretty much a 50-50 chance of a rollover. However, if you are one of the 48 people and the dice roll low you have a 1 in 48 chance of getting a prize – that is, IF the dice roll low.

So, let’s shake the dice. We put them in our SFI cup. Give it a good old shake, tip the dice into the bowl and see if we have a winner.

Here we go… [shakes the dice.]

Well yes, we do have a winner!

Now, last week I moved the bowl and the dice rolled, so I’m adopting a new high-tec approach here of (excuse me) taking my phone off the stand and having a look like so.

You can see that the red die has rolled a one and the yellow die has rolled a seven, and so it’s number 17. And you know what that means. That means that we do indeed have a winner, our first winner in July. Somebody has won a $25 Gift Certificate.

Number 17. I suspect it’s somebody in my second level, in the second generation of my team. Let’s have a look at our genealogy here, which I have set up already. So we have, coming down here, number 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17…

It is, Nneamaka Okonkwo

Nneamaka Okonkwo, you have just won yourself a $25 Gift Certificate by taking action in July having earned over 150 Versapoints in June. Well done for being quick on the ball and logging in to SFI and earning Versapoints already in July.

Off to a quick start – that’s won you a $25 Gift Certificate. Now, what I require before I actually send the Gift Certificate is that you acknowledge the win by popping over to my blog and posting a comment on my blog. As soon as I see your comment I will send you that $25 Gift Certificate.

Okay folks, that’s all from me this 2nd July 2017.

David Hurley



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